Custom Contact Lenses

At Glasses Half Full, contact lenses are our passion! We offer a comprehensive range of contact lens services including spherical, toric, and progressive contacts – and even custom contacts including hybrid, scleral, and orthokeratology designs.

We’ll even let you trial contact lenses to help you see when you’re looking for your next pair of glasses! At GHF, we believe that great contact lenses and great glasses should go hand-in-hand.

Progressive Contact Lenses (Multifocal or Bifocal Contact Lenses)

Multifocal contact lenses are an excellent alternative to progressive or bifocal glasses. Multifocal lens technology has improved significantly over the past several years, so there have never been more options to correct your vision at distance and near – and to get you out of your glasses!

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes:

Contact lens-associated dry eye is a common concern for long-term contact lens wearers. We offer the latest technologies to improve your comfort when wearing lenses, including advanced options like custom scleral lenses for dry eye management.

Myopia Control (Orthokeratology)

High nearsightedness (myopia) is correlated with an increased lifetime risk of visual complications including retinal detachment. Its prevalence in children has dramatically increased over the past ten years.

Research has found that treatment with custom contact lenses can reduce the amount of myopia progression in children. If you have a child with progressive or high nearsightedness, we strongly recommend a consultation to discuss myopia control options.