Patient Privacy

Glasses Half Full offers various electronic communication methods (including but not limited to text message, iMessage, Instagram, Facebook, and email) to both patients and guests. This allows us to provide convenient and varied methods of contacting our office. When you first check in as a patient with us, we will ask for your express written consent to use electronic communication systems for some of our important office operations – as outlined below.


Importantly, the use of electronic communication systems (such as the systems listed above) are intended for administrative purposes only (eg: scheduling and confirming appointments; notifications when glasses, contact lenses, or other orders are ready for pickup; asking follow-up customer satisfaction questions; and, replying to general administrative questions about office operations including but not limited to: hours of operation; accepted forms of payment and insurance billing; product & service offerings / costs; etc.). In using our electronic communication systems, it is extremely important to note that they are not secured or encrypted.


Should you require assistance regarding matters that pertain to private medical health information as defined by the Alberta Health Information Act (HIA), our office discourages the use of electronic communication systems, including those listed above.


We maintain a medical phone line (780-540-3855) that can be called during our regular office hours, or a fax line (780-540-3866) through which we are happy to assist with matters requiring private health information disclosure. We also maintain an encrypted messaging function through our Patient Portal, which can be accessed here. Our team members are all trained to provide instructions for encrypting and sending files – should you desire additional protection (with two-factor authentication) for private health information that you send us.


Our office takes the confidentiality of your personal health information seriously. Our detailed office Privacy Policy can be viewed and downloaded below, along with our office Opt-Out Form for social media. Both of these documents have been submitted to & accepted by Alberta’s Office of the Information Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) as part of our office’s full Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). If any changes are made to the current Privacy Policy or Opt-Out Form, we will notify you at your next in-person appointment.


At any time, we are always happy to provide additional information & ongoing informed consent about both of our privacy documents – as well as our in-office communication policies – by using the contact methods listed above, or by visiting our office in-person.